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The exhibition “Freedom and Democracy” is a guest in Park-museum “Vladislav Varnenchik”

The exhibition “Freedom and Democracy” , dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the democratic changes in the Republic of Hungary, will be open on 15th of December 2009 at 16:00 in the hall for temporary exhibitions in Park-museum “Vladislav Varnenchik”.

After the photo-description about the road of the Hungarian people to freedom – from the fall of the Iron Curtain up to its accession to Shenghen - was presented in the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Sofia, it will visit Varna until the end of the year. The event is part of the common initiatives between the Embassy of the Republic of Hungary, the Hungarian Cultural Institute and the Park-museum and it has been realized by the personal assistance of Her Excellency Mrs. Yudit Lang - Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary in Bulgaria.

  • Coming soon – the entirely restored exhibition, dedicated to the great Bulgarian natural healer and officer of the Bulgarian army Petar Dimkov – disciple and follower of the spiritual teacher Beinsa Duno (Petar Danov) about whom Einstein said: “There is only one Teacher on the Earth and that is Peter Danov in Bulgaria”.
  • In the hall for temporary exhibitions at present we display the exhibition “Poland in the Epoch of the Yagellons“, made in the Museum of the Polish Army in Warsaw.

In the epoch of the Yagellons Poland, united with Lithuania, was the biggest European country as territory and power, that its neighbour-countries searched for an ally. It was not accidentally that in 1440 Hungary appealed for help and protection from the Turkish expansion to the 16-year-old Polish King Vladislav III Yagello.

It is an interesting fact that in Poland in 15th c. there were beginnings of democracy – the King’s title had been inherited, but it was also voted in the Sejm.

  • On the eve of the National holidays of Czechia: 5th July – the Day of Cyril and Methodius and 6th July – the Day of Yan Huss, together with the Association for Bulgarian–Czech and Slovak Friendship in Varna, was open the exhibition “YAN HUSS ”. The materials for the exhibition were received from the museum of Yan Huss in the town of Tabor, Czechia.
  • In 2008 we presented the international exhibition “WARRIORS OF FREEDOM”, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria. A lot of unique exponents fromthe National Museum of Military History - Sofia, Russian and Serbian museums, took part in it.
  • Photographer’s competition and exhibition,organized together with “Photosynthesis” and the Association for Historical re-enactments “Chigot” with photographs from the Knight’s Show-performance on 18th May 2008, presented in the park of the Museum “Vladislav Varnenchik”.


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