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The Second World War – 65 years later

Open on May the 4th, the exhibition unifies photo- documentary materials from the depository of the National Museum of Military History – Sofia, original objects and materials from the Naval Museum – Varna. The Territorial Archives of Varna helped with documents from its funds.

The exhibition presents the war as policy, as death, as heroism and honour. Through it is presented Bulgaria during the war, the crucial moments of the state policy – from the proclamation of the neutrality until the inclusion in the anti-Hitler’s coalition aiming the definitive rout of fascist Germany; the return of South Dobrudja, the Bulgarian military presence in Western Thrace; the actions of the Aegean Sea Fleet; the participation of the Black Sea and the Danube Fleets at the blue fronts, the heroic steps of thousands of soldiers, fighting on the battlefields in 1944 and 1945.

The exponents are selected from the depository of the Naval Museum and present models of uniforms of a sailor, of naval officers, of Lieutenant-colonel Dimo Pavlov from Eight Primorski regiment; of medical orderly Vyarka Toneva; displayed are military trophies - element of defused mine; presents, received from Russian officers being our allies in the period 1944 – 1945; the flags of Bulgarian mine-sweepers built in Kavala in 1943; model of the flagship of the Danube Feet during the final stage of the war 1944-45; the mine-sweeper “Hristo Botev”; souvenirs from the war are also the personal signs of some officers – prisoners of war in German war camps, there is even the full score of a concert overture, written at the front. The insignia - orders and medals in the show-cases are remembrances of men who perished doing their duties for the Fatherland, of the recognition which the state and the upcoming generations give to the selflessness of the participants in the war.

The exhibition is situated in the exhibition hall of
Park-museum “Vl.Varnenchik” , Varna , 55 “Yanosh Huniady” Blvd.
Duration: until 30th September 2010


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